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Posted by Nassim Abouzeid on Jun 28 2010 at 05:00PM PDT

 RYS 2019 Spring Player Registration

Our registration process is explained below so please review carefully. Registration for our Spring season is now closed. Check back in May for Fall updates. 

Registration Information/Fees for Fall 2019 Spring Season:

  • Travel (Grade 3 and up) Registration Info:
    • Travel Registration Deadline: 11/30/18
      Late registrants will be placed on a waiting list pending roster availability. A $30 late fee will also be applied. 
    • Travel Registration Fee: $85*
    • Travel Uniform Fee: $55
    • All RYS Travel Players will need to purchase new uniforms as of the Fall 2018.  If you did not purchase a new uniform for Fall 2018 then you will need a new uniform.
  • Micros (PreK(4+) to Grade 2) Registration Info:
    • Micros Registration Deadline: 4/6/19
      Late registrants will be placed on a waiting list pending roster availability. A $30 late fee will also be applied. 
    • Micros Registration Fee: $75*
  • Family Discount Program:
    • 3rd child (same family) - $10 discount
    • 4th & 5th child (same family) - $20 discount
*Credit card and bank payments will incur an additional processing fee
RYS recommends ONLINE REGISTRATION, see Option 1 below. If you are unable to register online, we offer both a paper form/mail option, as well as some live registration sessions. 
If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please fill out the RYS Financial Hardship Form once registration begins and no later than 2 weeks before registration closes.

If you have any questions please reach out to our registrar via email at

 How to Register for RYS

Option 1:

On-line Registration Information:

New this season, we want ALL of our players to register on-line. RYS has added multiple payment options in order to accommodate all groups. This will help streamline the registration process. 

For Online Player registration click hereHere you will be able to register your player for the upcoming session and pay by credit card. 

Option 2:

Manual Registration Process: 

Register On-line (Option 1) and select 'Offline Payments' when checking out. You can print off your registration and then mail in the form with your payment to our PO Box. 

If your player will be part of the Travel program please note that payments not received prior to the registration deadline will be subject to a late fee and/or your child being placed on a wait list.

Rockland Youth Soccer
P.O. Box 200
Rockland, MA 02370

Option 3:

LIVE Registrations @ RYS Clubhouse (down at Esten School Fields):  

  • 11/30 1 to 4pm - Come hang out with Rick! 

 Additional RYS Registration Information

  • If your son or daughter is new to the Micro program, a birth certificate is required with registration. For more information on birth certificates see below. Please mail a COPY to:

 Rockland Youth Soccer
P.O. Box 200
Rockland, MA 02370  

  •  If your son or daughter is new to the Travel program, a birth certificate is required with registration in addition to a 1”x1” color picture with their name and birth date on the back. For more information on birth certificates see below. 
  •  All U10 players and above are required to produce a photo for their IDs. Photos need to be head shots with no hats, hoods, sunglasses. These photos need to be emailed to the RYS Registrar at
  • All travel Coaches are also required to submit a 1"x1" color picture with their name on the back with their registration form.
  • If your player is new to the travel program than your player is required to order a new uniform for the upcoming season. Cost is $55.  Uniforms can be purchased online; please list sizes in the notes/comment box. 


PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with US Youth Soccer and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association the player age groupings has changed. Player age groups are now based on Calendar Year as well as Grade Level. 


*For our PreK 4+ (U5) program, participants must be 4 years of age. For younger players looking for opportunities, we recommend checking out the Rockland Youth Commision who typically do a Soccer Tots program each season: 


*New players must also submit a birth certificate copy to be fully enrolled *

 Birth Certificates

All new players to RYS must submit a birth certificate copy with their registration. A copy of each player's birth certificate must be on file with the RYS Registrar to be properly registered. All players who are not in compliance with our registration process will not be allowed to participate until all registration requirements are met. If you do not meet the registration requirements, any form of payment will be reimbursed and you will be subject to pay the late fee once all requirements are met.

Withdrawals from RYS

A player wishing to withdraw from the program, and requesting a refund, must do so in writing/e-mail, explaining the reason for withdrawal.

The request must be directed to:

Rockland Youth Soccer
Executive Board
P.O. Box 200
Rockland, MA 02370


sent via email to the RYS registrar at

The Executive Board will act on the request at their first available meeting.  Based on the circumstances, the Executive board will vote to decide if you will be refunded all, some or none of the registration fee, less administration and banking fees ($5-$16), if applicable.


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