Proposed by-Law

Posted by Paul Cristoforo on Sep 26 2002 at 05:00PM PDT
There will be a new by-law proposed at the next meeting. All coaches and board members have a vote and may come to the meeting and cast thier vote. Below is the folloing proposed by-law: All Players will play within their appropriate age group using the dates provided by MYSA. Any player wishing to move from their age group must have their Parent / Guardian come before the RYS board with their reason for making this request. Generally speaking there will only be 2 reasons that the board will consider this: 1. The player in the judgment of RYS would be able to compete with the top 20 players in the next age group and it is in the best interest of the player and it is also safe to do so. Any player moving must meet these 3 requirements and even then the RYS board will have the final say. 2. A u8 team requests to play in the U10 South Shore Soccer League in the spring. In this case a coach must come before the RYS board with the request as well as a roster of players they plan on playing. RYS will then make a decision whether it is in their best interest and safe to do so. Any player found playing in the wrong age group without permission of the RYS board will be suspended for the remainder of the season and the Parents / Guardians will have to come before the board before that player may return to Rockland Youth Soccer


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