Micros Referee Information

Posted by Nassim Abouzeid on Jun 03 2013 at 05:00PM PDT
Sample email from the referee coordinator:

Saturday Micro refs for / / 2015 (Please let me know your decision by Thursday )
Referee 1__XXX___Referee2__XXX___Referee3___XXX______Referee4____XXX____

Important Information for Micros Games:

  • U6, & U8s ALL have a corner kicks
  • Whistles have not been loud enough and many bad throw ins were not called. Solutions - obviously blow the whistle as loud as you can as your job is to manage the game.
  • Bad throw-ins must be called - player throwing the ball in must be behind the sideline, have both feet on the ground, and when the ball leaves their hands in a 2 handed over the head throw
  • U8s play on a larger field. All calls made in a U10 game should be made in a U8 game

RYS MICRO SOCCER; U6, U8Girls and U8Boys Soccer Games Basics: 

  • U12 and older RYS players are selected to participate in the micro referee program
  • Please submit a request to become a micro referee to the RYS referee coordinator
  • The RYS micro referee program objective is to build a stronger base of certified referees by exposing younger players to the experience of on field refereeing
  • Attempts will be made to allow all those interested a chance to experience this game management experience

 When scheduled to referee: 

  • Please read and understand these guidelines. 
  • Please share your availability by reaching out to the referee coordinator. 
  • Referees are expected to arrive and complete a full day of micro-refereeing when scheduled.

 Before you arrive at Esten: 

  • Arrive at 8:15 AM for guideline review
  • We encourage you to bring your own stop watch
  • Stop watches are available to sign out and borrow. Please return the stopwatch
  • You will need your own whistle
  • Pack a drink, a snack, sun block and maybe a change of socks as the field is wet in the morning

 Work Day: 

  • Referee duties begin at 8:25 AM
  • Referee duty ends at 12 PM
  • You must sign out for a stopwatch if needed at the concession stand

 Saturday Micro Game Schedule: 

  • U8Boys/ 8:30 AM
  • U8Girls/ 9:45 AM
  • U6/ 11:00 AM

 Game Clock Management: 

  • 2 - 25 minute halves
  • A whistle will start each half
  • 2 whistles signals half time
  • 3 whistles will end the game

 Player management: 

  • 4 players for each team on field for U6. 6 players for each team on field for U8s
  • Shin guards are required. Ensure socks are worn over the shin guards
  • Cleats are preferred for safety Sneakers are allowable for micro players
  • No jewelry is allowed to be worn on the playing field

 When the game starts: 

  • Players only on the field. NO coaches or parents
  • Coaches cannot herd or steer players on the field
  • Coaches can direct from the sideline in a positive manner
  • Stay in the area of play to properly observe and judge
  • No scarecrow referees. Move to see the sidelines and all of the players involved in play. Please move around to see the game from the best possible viewpoint
  • Award corner kicks
  • Goal kicks Opposing teams will move back to their defensive half of the field
  • Call bad throw ins. Explain the micro player's throwing error. A second attempt is allowable

 PLEASE BLOW YOUR WHISTLE LOUDLY. It may prevent an injury. 

  • NO penalty shots for all age groups
  • No direct kicks for U6
  • U8 allows Direct kicks 
  • Educate players that are using their hands. A handball will be a turnover in possession to the opposing micro aged team

 Lightning and Injuries: 

  • Blow the whistle and direct everyone off the field in the event of lightning
  • Blow the whistle and keep everyone except coaches and others authorized away from injured players
  • Many RYS volunteers are walking the field and watching for your safety and well being. Verbal abuse by parents or coaches will not be tolerated
  • Report any issues to the referee coordinator or other RYS board members as soon as possible


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