Esten Field Safety/Parking Concerns

Posted by Nassim Abouzeid on Sep 17 2009 at 05:00PM PDT

Good day,

When a program is successful sometimes there are growing pains. RYS has grown steadily and with that comes issues related to sheer numbers of cars parking and safety for our children. Mrs. McGrath of the Esten school has requested that the area under the pines near the playground not be used for parking due to the concerns of the safety for all the kids playing on the play apparatus. On busy days such as training on Wednesdays and Saturday game days, all side and back parking spaces are usually accounted for. Please feel free to use the spots in front of the school. Other facilities have satellite parking and walks to the field are minutes away instead of seconds. A little longer walk isn't a bad thing. Parking down the middle of the parking lot is prohibited and cars will be ticketed and towed by the RPD at the owners expense. We want the kids walking back to their cars to have plenty of space and to be assured that it will be a safe walk. Your cooperation is welcomed and will provide our players the safety they deserve. Please continue to keep your dogs at home and to remind visiting teams of this rule so that Fido doesn't end up sitting in the car. Our insurance company thanks you as well as all of the board at Rockland Youth Soccer. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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